Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another life change

Well, the job at Mackay Sugar came to an end and was made reduntant.  I thought my job was rather important co-ordinating all the maintenance.  Oh well, their loss when things go pear-shape, they'll put a spin on it to make it look good to the share-holders.  If I sound bitter, I put a lot of extra effort in this job including uni studies to ensure improvements (which did happen)
Currently enjoying a bit of a break before starting work again, cleaned out the shed and fixed some tools, went shooting out bush for a couple of days, then spent yesterday cleaning the car.  While we got muddy we at least didn't get bogged again.
Looks like I'll soon be back at (now) ALS soon doing condition monitoring.  Previously at the same building when ETRS, then upstairs with Monitek, back downstairs with ETRS/Pearlstreet and now ALS Industrial.  At least this is associated with my continueing studies and may lead to a site maintenance role again through ALS.
This is my birthday so I'm gonna rent some DVD's have a nice lunch followed by a trip to the dentist (that last one does seem a bit out of whack), then a nice bottle of plonk