Saturday, April 20, 2013

Now 2013 already

Thought I was slack before, well here is a new high. Mind you have been pretty busy (my excuses run to completing 1 degree and starting another, at the same time starting a new job still with Mackay Sugar and taking on a training role with CWM)

Luke has moved out since last post, then moved back in with his girl then they bought their own pad and moved again.  Not a day goes by where me and the missus dont miss them but at least they are close by and we catch up at least once a week for tea.

2011 was busy with life in general, got more involved with pest mitigation projects and uni. Mum passed away after a long illness.

2012 was changing roles and moving work place to Marian, finish off one degree and continue with wildlife management.  A sad year with a mates son passing away suddenly, we need to love them like theres no tomorrow because for some there isnt.

2013 started off with another start at uni, more work challenges and sadly the passing away of my cousin and Aunty.  Lets hope it gets better from now on.  Lotto would be nice.........